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Villa Caldogno

The universal language of art connects different cultures that meet through their artistic expressions. The Vicenza Club for UNESCO celebrates the Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through this third edition of Mirror - Face to face: an international exhibition on engraving art, seen through the Italian and the Chilean artists’ eyes.
A mirror is a gateway between the real and the imaginary worlds. A comparison between eyes and gaze, outward appearance and inner reality; a movement between the act of seeing (reflecting) and understanding (making the spectators think). It reveals what is beyond the painting, expanding space and offering different perceptional possibilities to the observer.
Dozens of artists have been invited in Villa Caldogno to show a piece of their engraving art to an international public in order to compare visions, themes and their different techniques and to witness how inspiration crosses time and places.

Mirror - Face to face Project follows the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions and the 2005 Council of Europe Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society.
Mirror - Face to face aims to encourage an artistic dialogue and promote cultural diversity as the common heritage of humanity and as the precondition for peace and social harmony, which should be cherished and preserved for the benefit of all.

Organized by Club for UNESCO Vicenza

Project and leadership of Valeria Bertesina

Created by Qu.Bi media

QU.BI GALLERY-trasparente.png
Atanas Botev, Rorschach, 2021, serigrafia, 25x70 cm.JPG
2 - Elisa Pietrelli_Vaso con fiore, 45 x 32 cm, 2021, incisione, collage, alluminio e acri
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